“Fire of the Fallen”, the first book in my Channelbane series of epic fantasy is available. Check it out here.


TFALP Kindle Mockup

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“The Cure” has been published in Exhibits: an Anthology by 67Press. They have also published my sci-fi poem “I wish” online. Check out the other great work going on at 67Press.


“The Architect’s Plan” has been published in Metamorphose’s online journal here. Go check it out. There are tons of other great stories there as well.


“Pleasant Dreams and Other Lies From Earth” has been published in the second run of Just a Minor Malfunction (JAMM Vol. #2), which can be purchased here. More details to follow.


“Fifty-one” has been published by Centum Press in their second shorty story anthology available here.


“Hello Depression” is published at Inside the Bell Jar’s online literary journal here. This is a unique piece that has found a very unique, and important, home.