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The Drahkenspire (from Fire of the Fallen)


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“When Brohm was a child he thought the Drahkenspire Mountains actually touched the sky. Piercing upward like daggers through a velvet blanket of forest green, their jagged, snow-capped peaks had loomed larger than life as the towering backdrop to his small farming village on the outskirts of Selvengard. He’d spent countless hours dreaming of climbing to the top of the highest peak, the one that looked like the pitted tip of a sword, and jumping off onto the pillowy soft clouds below him. What would it be like to walk on air? What would it be like to see the world from such a height, to look down on everyone, peasant and highborn alike? Brohm had wanted desperately to find out for so long.”

From Fire of the Fallen, by Doug Wallace