Book Review

Book Review Methodology


2017 marks the beginning of a new Book Review Section of my website. I will read and review several books this year and feature reviews from guest writers as well. The methodology I will follow is quite simple. Each score (star system) is made up of four areas:

  1. Readability (up to 3 stars) – How distracting are the typos, grammatical errors, bad exposition, cliche phrases, etc. to my enjoyment of the story? How well does the story flow? A book will score solidly if my inner editor remains dormant during the read.
  2. Story (up to 3 stars) – Is it an Event Story? A Character Story? A World-building Story? Is the story interesting? Are the plot twists well-executed? Meaningful? Is the story believable?
  3. Characterization (up to 3 stars) – How well do I empathize with the characters. Do they resonate with me? Is the POV effective? Are their motives well-understood?
  4. Je ne se qu0i (up to 3 stars) – This is a category where as the reviewer, I get to score the book however I want to indiscriminately. Personal bias at its best.

Let’s do an example: Do Nanobots Dream of Molecular Sheep (made-up book)

  1. Readability Score – 2.2
  2. Story Score – 3
  3. Characterization Score – 2.5
  4. Je ne se quoi – 2.6

Overall score (simple average) – 2.6 out of 3, a very solid score.

While I will focus mostly on new and indie writers in genres that interest me, I will occasionally review work by established and traditionally-published authors. Good stories can be found everywhere. Finding them is a journey. Let’s share that journey together!