On the Doorstep of Fear (from Fire of the Fallen)


Image in the Public Domain

“Tallyn’s side pack and steel bow lay several paces away on a rustic table near the fire at the center of the enemy’s makeshift forward camp. Her eyes darted back and forth between it and the twelve soldiers huddled around the fire, who were quietly waiting for the man with the hateful countenance to finish devouring a day-old portion of roasted horse meat. When he was done, and the last piece of gristle stripped from the bone, he peered across the camp at his captive.

Tallyn could tell the Kindrahken man wanted to kill her. She could see it in his deep blue eyes, which had turned dark with malice. But there was a look of confusion there too. And it was this confusion that gave Tallyn hope. For confusion lives on the doorstep of fear, and if her captors felt fear, she would know it.”

From Fire of the Fallen by Doug Wallace


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