Month: February 2016

On the Doorstep of Fear (from Fire of the Fallen)


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“Tallyn’s side pack and steel bow lay several paces away on a rustic table near the fire at the center of the enemy’s makeshift forward camp. Her eyes darted back and forth between it and the twelve soldiers huddled around the fire, who were quietly waiting for the man with the hateful countenance to finish devouring a day-old portion of roasted horse meat. When he was done, and the last piece of gristle stripped from the bone, he peered across the camp at his captive.

Tallyn could tell the Kindrahken man wanted to kill her. She could see it in his deep blue eyes, which had turned dark with malice. But there was a look of confusion there too. And it was this confusion that gave Tallyn hope. For confusion lives on the doorstep of fear, and if her captors felt fear, she would know it.”

From Fire of the Fallen by Doug Wallace


Returning to the Dark (from Fire of the Fallen)


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“It had been four years, nine months, and twenty-one days since Tallyn last wielded the Dark. At least that’s what the marks on the small, tattered parchment she kept rolled up in her side pack said. She’d counted them this morning just like she did every morning. Some of them were so faded and smudged they were hard to make out, but Tallyn knew them well. She’d earned each and every one; a mark for every day she hadn’t sinned against Azurys. It hadn’t been easy. Putting magic behind her had been the most difficult thing Tallyn had ever done. Until today. Returning to the Dark made her feel like a beaten dog crawling back to its cruel master.”

From Fire of the Fallen by Doug Wallace

Value of an Arrow (from Fire of the Fallen)



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“Do you suppose the value of a single arrow to be small? How much is your mother worth? Your brother? The little stable boy you fancy so much? Is it truly absurd to ask how to measure the worth of a living soul? I tell you this: it is measured by the number of arrows it takes to hew them down. So again, I ask: Do you suppose the value of an arrow to be small? — Pahrn of House Agath, Master Instructor to the Greymarks”

From Fire of the Fallen, by Doug Wallace

The Drahkenspire (from Fire of the Fallen)


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“When Brohm was a child he thought the Drahkenspire Mountains actually touched the sky. Piercing upward like daggers through a velvet blanket of forest green, their jagged, snow-capped peaks had loomed larger than life as the towering backdrop to his small farming village on the outskirts of Selvengard. He’d spent countless hours dreaming of climbing to the top of the highest peak, the one that looked like the pitted tip of a sword, and jumping off onto the pillowy soft clouds below him. What would it be like to walk on air? What would it be like to see the world from such a height, to look down on everyone, peasant and highborn alike? Brohm had wanted desperately to find out for so long.”

From Fire of the Fallen, by Doug Wallace