Short Stories & Book Excerpts

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Eden’s End – The crew expected to find a habitable planet for human colonization. What they found instead, changed mankind forever.

I Wish – Coming to terms with who we are can be a challenge. Unfortunately some things, once known, cannot be un-known.

Fix – Can time travel be like a drug? After getting out of a mental institution, David must cope with the loss of his father and the legacy he left for his son.

Extinction Event – What happens when a super-massive object careens into a planet at high speed? Just ask the protagonists of this story.

space-elevator (1)
Esau’s Folly – Mankind has finally developed faster-than-light travel, with the help of Earth’s new alien friends. But is their price too high to pay?

The Bookkeeper’s Apprentice – Can a post-apocalyptic teenager with a photographic memory help save man’s ancient knowledge from oblivion?

Book Excerpts 

The Drahkenspire
The Value of An Arrow
Returning to the Dark
On the Doorstep of Fear





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